Philippine Bimetallic Coin

Bimetallic coins have been popular monetary around the world with its designs. One of the many countries that have bimetallic coins is the Philippine. The Philippine bimetallic coin first ever and only one is the ten peso coin introduced in year 2000 and had been fully circulated in 2005. The bimetallic ten peso coin was in replacement of the former monetary unit of 5 pesos paper bill (Apolinario Mabini) and 2 peso coin (Andres Bonifacio). The two Philippine freedom fighters appeared in the demonetized bank note is seen in the bimetallic ten peso coin.

Philippine 10 pesos bimetallic coin obverse

Philippine 10 pesos bimetallic coin reverse

Philippine 10 pesos Bimetallic Composition

10 Piso Ring: 75% Copper; 25% Nickel
Core: 92% Copper; 6% Aluminum; 2% Nickel