Mexican Bimetallic Peso Coins

Mexican peso coins is one of those that have great designs of bimetallic coins perfect for collectors. Mexican bimetallic coins include commemorative coins, state coins and regular coins in circulation. Regular Mexican bimetal peso coins in circulation today are one peso, two pesos, cinco pesos ten pesos, twenty pesos and one hundred pesos. Mexican bimetallic peso coins of  with face value of one pesos, two pesos and cinco pesos center ring is made of bronze-aluminum alloy while ten pesos and one hundred pesos denominations center ring is made of sterling silver. One, two and five pesos denominations have smooth edge; while ten, twenty and fifty pesos have milled edge.

Mexico bimetallic  peso coins called Nuevo peso are released as the new denominations in 1993. Nuevo peso denominations in one, two and five have aluminum bronze center and stainless steel peripheral ring. On the other hand Nuevo peso ten, twenty and fifty denominations have silver center and peripheral ring made of aluminum bronze. The word Nuevo peso in Mexico Bimetallic Coins was removed in 1996.

Mexico Bimetallic State Coins are great addition to any numismatic collections. With great designs that strongly depicts the culture and history of Mexico. In the year 2003, Mexico released series of $100 bimetallic state coins. Mexico Bimetallic State Coins obverse portraits the traditional symbol called Coat of arms of Mexico. Each bimetallic state coin reverse shows the individual states symbol Coat of arms of Mexico. Mexico Bimetallic State Coins bullion version inner ring is made of gold. Collecting Mexico Bimetallic Coins or any bimetallic coins are great investment than to those that are made with only one metal. Platinum and gold used in bimetallic coins are more expensive. Precious metals value is increasing each year and never been worthless.