$5 1994 Enfranchisement of Women UNC Australia Collectable Coins

Australia collectable commemorative bimetallic $5 coin 1994 Enfranchisement of Women UNC commemorates historic advocate of the extension of voting rights especially to women. This bi-metallic Australian $5 coin is the first coin made in Australia.

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Australia 1994 Enfranchisement of Women UNC was distributed affixed on a colorful card. As a tribute to the leading suffragist Mary Lee of South Australia, a special uncirculated coin was produced by the Royal Australian Mint 100 years after South Australia Enfranchisement of Women.

       Denomination:                              $5
               Metal:                           Centre: Al/Bronze
       Outer Ring:                 Stainless Steel
      Mass:                           10.80 grams
      Diameter:                         28.12 mm
     Reverse:             Wojciech Pietranik
     Obverse:               Raphael Maklouf

Australia Collectible Bimetallic Coins

Australia’s collectible bimetallic coins are regularly release by the Royal Australian Mint. Australian collectable coins are made of metals aluminum, silver, bronze, gold and bimetallic coins.

Australia $5 Coin 1994 Enfranchisement of Women

Royal Australian Mint usually releases unique Australian theme and for the most of the theme, the $5 gets chosen. Some of Australia collectible commemorative bimetallic coins are $5 1994 Enfranchisement of Women UNC, $5 1996 Sir Donald Bradman UNC,  $5 1998 Royal Flying Doctor Service UNC.